October 7, 2015

Spinal Cord Injuries – Personal Injury

Spinal Cord Injuries

The Loss of Independence …

The greater the injuries and damages, the more important it is to have experienced legal representation. A spinal cord injury is one of the most serious injuries a person can suffer. Victims must deal with losing much or all of their mobility and independence. Most will also need a lifetime of medical care.

If you or a family member has suffered a spinal cord injury as the result of someone else’s negligence, talk to a firm that will look after your interests today and protect your dignity and quality of life for all the tomorrows to come.

Spinal Cord Injuries

An Experienced Personal Injury Law Firm in Central Texas

At the Law Office of Chris Dorbandt, we represent accident victims who’ve suffered a serious spinal cord injury because of another’s negligent actions, and we fight to ensure that they receive adequate compensation for their losses. This has been our work for nearly a decade. It is something we do very well.

One of the biggest challenges with spinal cord injury cases is accurately assessing all the current and future losses, needs, and medical care a victim has incurred. Considerations such as personal dignity and quality of life issues must also be taken into account. Much also depends on the type of paralysis (paraplegia or quadriplegia) and the extent of any other injuries suffered.

Our legal team includes a full-time claims manager and attorneys who are fully capable of handling these complex issues. Together, they work with life care specialists, physicians and other experts as needed to develop a care plan that will provide what you will need. However, it is important to contact an attorney within the first few days of an accident if possible, so that an investigation can begin and evidence and potential witnesses will not be lost.

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